Jaffo Orange Juice 330ml Can - Unique to the marketplace Jaffo Juice Bottles Active Sport

 Established in 1980, M&D is now a leading supplier of soft drinks, fruit juice, bottled water, biscuits and confectionery. With ten representatives we have a wide sales and distribution coverage of retail and catering outlets in the twenty six counties. We aim to provide a top class service for all customers.

We offer an attractive range of beverages. Our JaffO fruit juice range includes 500ml PET bottles in 10 different flavours, slim line 200ml cartons of Orange, Apple and Blackcurrant together with a litre pack of Orange and the only 330ml can of Orange juice on the market. Fair-trade Orange & Apple are also available.

JaffO Smoothies introduced in 2009 have proven to be a great success because of their taste, long life and value.

JOLT has the most energy out of any soft drink available. We are the ENERGY MACHINE. We know that energy is what gets you going, so if you drink 470ml. of JOLT - that is equivilant to 2 cups of coffee or 2 Mountain Dews. We have oodles of energy per serving. We are your wake up call. 2009 sees the intriduction of 5 new flavours to the range.

Multi-Vitamin and Vita Zell are two healthy drinks in 500ml. that appeal to the fitness and health conscious sector.

Isabelle spring water from France is a significant player in the water market. It is preferred by many consumers for the following reasons - sodium free, dissolved solids only 42ppm making it the purest spring bottled water available. The 1.5lt. bottle is also crushable.

Hellema Biscuits have been in the M&D portfolio for nearly 25 years and year on year it has had very steady and encouraging sales growth. This is down to the high quality, the innovation and it\'s value.

Poco Loco tortilla chips are excellent performers in their market areas and now with the success of the new Roc & Rolls rolled tortilla chip the brand has once again outdone itself.

The Blackfriars range of long life muffins and flapjacks are best sellers.

Our approach is dynamic in that we work hard in staying ahead of the trends when it comes to consumer needs and wants. Introducing new products on an on-going basis is a major part of our business - \\\"out with the old and in with the new\\\". This keeps customers interested and looking forward to the next call from our salesmen. Along with this we have very attractive offers which are tailored to our individual customers. 2008 saw the launch of M&Ds New JaffO 500ml label which has brought the product to a new level. With the introduction of the new website customers now have the facility to see all our offers, product information and online order history.